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We are here to help kids find their voice 

Emotional Wellbeing

What children feel today will shape the type of adult they will be. We have released two projects to help children process their pain through art. Bushfires Through My Heart and The Invisible Baddie.

Children’s Books

Read more about our first book, written by a 4 year old boy. You can listen to the full story on our Youtube Channel, buy the book any online bookshop or visit our shop.

The Role of Parents

We provide tips and tricks for parents to encourage literacy, imagination and creativity. Follow us on Instagram for a quick inspiration fix.

Stories have the power to heal

M. M. Stewart

We are here for a better world. We believe that we must find that place of connection with our children and give them the space to express their voices.

Here, at Saci Books, the message is:

We hear you

About Us

We think children are awesome and have a world of imagination on their heads. So we publish children books written, illustrated or inspired by children!

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Your Child Story Counts

We want your children stories, poems and illustrations. There’s no minimum age but we accept materials up to 18 years of age.

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