• “What started out as a terrifying night for Ewan soon turned into a delightful story. Check out this book to find out how Ewan transforms his fear to calm by using words and imagination. This short and charming story would make a good addition to a child’s bedtime routine. Especially those who are struggling with fear of the night”


    Jennifer Peace, children's book reviewer about The Boy Who Didn't Like The Night

  • "Simple solutions to complex problems, only a child can do this, when someone becomes an adult, he looses the capacity to think like a child. Marvelous narrative!"


    Rinaldo Barroso, father of 2 girls about The Boy Who Didn't Like The Night

  • “The ‘what if’ thinking Ewan demonstrates in this book is incredibly complex even for many adults. It is also an essential tool to develop good scripts. The fact that he was able to develop these ideas at the age of 4 shows an incredible genius.


    Andre M, filmmaker about The Boy Who Didn't Like the Night

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