Why Saci?

Saci Pererê is a character of the Brazilian folklore. He is known for sneaking into houses and farms in windy days making a mess. He swops things from one place to the next, he changes the label of seasonings, hides socks, put shoes on top of wardrobes, make pony tails on horses, he opens yhe gates and let animals run free and much more! He is a black boy with only one leg and he has a magic red hat that allows him to be very quick so no one can catch him.

No one has ever caught a Saci but many swear they have seen one. Children are the ones that claim to see Saci often, specially when their toys, socks, jumpers, water bottles – you know what else-  go missing.

The Day of Saci is celebrsted on the 31st October all over Brazil and it is a great way to reinforce the folklore to new generations and keep the culture alive.

Saci is a much loved character in Brazilian culture and he represents much of the playful spirit of children. That is why we chose Saci as the name of our little company.

The illustration is from Jesús Gaban for the book ‘Lendas do Brasil’ from Brazilian publishing company Editora Girassol.

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