Spot and Stripe

This book by Anna Shuttlewood for The Five Mile Press is more than perfect. It’s current, it’s progressive, it’s necessary.


Acceptance is the mesaage we got from this book. A wonderful gift that arrived from South Africa and a true sweet story showing children and adults that wanting to be different to try to ‘fit in’ is natural but even better is when we accept who we are and the other one is too. Accepting their true nature is an important step to tolerance and a peaceful world. Children are born without judgment of colour, race, nation…parents, family, friends, movies, books and anything that surrounds a child will shape their concepts of right and wrong into adult life. So making sure they continue to not make judgement of superficial and aesthetic nature of one kind is a giant step to a wonderful future ahead!
In a day like today, where Australia apologises to the aboriginals on sorry day, we must remember that we are friends. Different from one another but with the same rights.
And I don’t need to mention the beautiful illustrations 😁

Well done Anna Suttlewood! I wish this book gets lots of awards and becomes a classic of it’s time. 🥇🏆👏🏻

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