Free books aka Street Library

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Why are we obsessed with street libraries? Because they are an ingenious idea and are free. If you don’t know the concept, here it is:

You place a weathertight box outside your house/apartment block and put a few books you are keen to find a new home. Someone will walk past and get a book or leave a book. That’s it! You can always have free books! It’s a movement, a revolution.

We have selected a few examples of Street Libraries around the world to gwt you inspired but make sure you check with your local council appropriate ways of placing them outside your house. It is very likely thst you must keep the box within the boundaries of your block so it doesn’t interfere with accessibility on the footpath.

It’s not only the cities and denser urban areas that are joining in, residents of remote areas benefit greatly as they don’t need to drive far to find a library.

If you don’t live in a house? Speak to your building strata board members to add one to the front of the building. If you still find resistance, think if you can do one at work. Some street libraries are actually indoors at doctors, dentists, therapists rooms receptions, cafes etc. Some street libraries ask for a particular age group books to be dropped in such as the street library at the NeoNatal Care Centre at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital in Camperdown, Sydney.

In an Era of communication and share economy, free books going around neighbours is just sublime. It truly is people taking charge of their community, being respectful and civilised, it’s inclusive, it’s educational, it’s environmentally sustainable. It’s a must in every town, every city, everywhere.

With so many inspirations, what are you waiting for to get your creativity out and build your street library?

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