Bushfire Through My Heart #1

My way of helping, is helping  kids to process all of the emotional load the Australian Bushfires have caused on them and their families I created a space for the kids here to express themselves and see their work be published. Stories have the power to heal and children’s voices are as important – if not more – than of an adult.

This first one is of Flynn, a 5 year old that experienced bushfire threats 8km away while on holidays in the South Coast of NSW.

A couple of weeks after he was back in Sydney, he used an used Ikea cardboard box of some furniture that was still lying around and started painting. The paint is actually almost 2m long and the image in here shows a small extract of it.

“It was a beautiful art to watch being made. He first drawn the animals, then the trees and the fire coming to their forest. Then he drawn me, trying to save the animals. He wished for rain to make the forest regrow, giving a sparkle of hope in gentle blue glitter paint.”

Well done, Flynn!

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