How to Teach Children About Diversity and Inclusion – without preaching

Fear is what takes us into hate. When we don’t understand the other, we fear them because our information about their culture is so minimal that we give in to imagination and – to use a recent term – fake news.

It can be very daunting to “have the chat” particularly with young children who seem to pay attention to everything else but us – the parents. So, I thought, what do they pay attention to? Screen! Oh yes, I am sure if you offer about 30 minutes of free TV, they will fall like a moth to the light. Right?

Here are some very light hearted movies and books to watch with your children that will reinforce the concept of acceptance of the different. Most of all, it shows we are all better off when we have equal opportunities and embrace the difference in the other. Sometimes, what we fear in the other is what we fear in ourselves too. The world is better off when we can learn about each other. If everyone liked bananas, what would be of oranges, right?

There’s a wonderful thing about acceptance. When you start to learn about ONE other that is different from your culture, you will suddenly start to be a lot more open to learn about other cultures. All the world needs is a bit of a push, and who better to change the world than parents guiding their children through the wonderful world of art?

Here it is, a wonderfully selected list to make your weekend worth of good quality art and knowledge

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