Winners 2021

Our first competition has come to a result! The theme was COVID-19 and it was open for any child or teenager between the ages of 4 and 17.

We thank everyone involved, from parents, to children, teens, teachers, booksellers letting us put our posters up and the wonderful team at our local libraries.

Here are the Gold Star writes who presented us with a piece that really impressed us (in age order):

Merry Tang, 8

Bijou Billingsley, 9

ConnorKirk, 11

Sophie Kirk, 13

Cody Hargreaves, 16

Gabby Sneddon, 16

Our other incredible writers, surprising us with great imagination and outstanding storytelling skills are:

Ariya Vayama Nugaliyadde, 6

Charlie Pyle, 7

Jeremy Barrow, 8

Sumishka Bansal, 8

Aathira Sampath, 8

Vinudi Bogahapitiya, 9

Zoe Almodiel, 9

Maya Sharma, 9

Emma Walton, 10

Ines Lai, 10

Hazel Mazza, 11

Annabel Jackson, 11

Edith Barber, 11

Kasey Whitney, 12

Samuel Walker, 12

Francesca Sollberger, 12

Devmika Bogahapitiya, 13

Gretel Le Lievre, 13

Bianca Smith, 13

Caitlin Girdler, 14

Imogen Baker, 14

Carys Brown, 15

Alice Zhang, 15

Yanna Stamatelos, 16

Ruby O’Halloran, 17

Ojasvi Rana, 17

Thank you all 32 winners, it was hard to choose and we look forward to enter the publication path with you all!

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