Saci Books was created by me so I could publish my 4 year old son’s story. After looking for a children’s book publisher who were accepting manuscripts – and found none – I decided to explore the self-publishing journey.

I was excited to do this our project and after taking the courage to bring back my watercolour skills to life, I illustrated the book with a lot of input from the author (“the water must be black, Mummy. You know the ocean is black at night” – gotta love those moments). With a lot of support from a loving husband and family we created “The Boy Who Didn’t Like The Night” together and the results are so exciting that we translated to Portuguese (Brazilian) already!

If we continue on the publishing path beyond this book, our intentions are to continue to publish children’s book written and/or illustrated by children.

We want to show the world how wonderful are the minds of very young children and we hope you join us on this ride!

If you are interested to know why we chose Saci as the name of our little enterprise, check our blog post here.

Much love to all,


P.S. :

We are based in Sydney, Australia.

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