We are thrilled you want to grab a copy of The Boy Who Didn’t Like the Night and inspire your little ones to write their own stories too! If you would like a test run first, check out our YouTube Channel, we have the full book narrated in Portuguese and in English with all illustrations shown

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If you would like the Portuguese version, either because it is your language or because you would like to learn it, the book is also available worldwide.

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You can also contact your local bookstore or bookseller and request the book in Portuguese or English.

If you are a school, library or childcare centre and would like to make a bulk order, please contact us with the quantity and delivery details so we can organise the shipping directly to you. You can e-mail us or fill the contact form

And when you finish with the book, please contact us or send a little hello on Instagram or Facebook, we would love to hear what you thought about the book!


Maíra and Ewan

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