The Story behind The Boy Who Didn’t Like The Night


One night, before bedtime – while I was on the loo – of course – , I heard my 4 year old son crying with what seemed to be real suffering. His face was in agony and his body was shaking while he walked to me. I tried to remain calm and asked:

“What happened?”, and with the greatest innocence and a pure heart, he answered: “I want the Earth to stop spinning!” which was followed by a loud scream of someone who was in real distress. So I hugged him for a few minutes and when his breath finally calmed down, I asked, “Why?”

“Because I don’t wan’t the night to come so I can play all the time and never go to bed!”, he answered still in tears.

I immediately prompt his imagination: “That’s a good idea, but how can we do that and what do you think it will happen if the Earth stopped?”

His suffering transformed into excitement, thinking about how he could stop the night from coming back again. He created several scenarios and ideas that are completely in the fantasy world ( I will send a rocket into space with a very large rope…) to being able to analyse the realistic consequences of his ideas (the Earth will be too hot or the animals will lose their homes…).

That is how the story was born. Every word and idea in “The Boy Who Didn’t Like the Night” is his and after understanding I had to record his story for our future memory, I decided to look into publishing the book. That includes taking almost a year to take the courage and time to illustrate it, looking into publishing houses and deciding to go solo on a self-publishing enterprise.

We are very happy to have accomplished this project together. Mother and son. It will certainly be an important part of our family history and we would like to bring this inspiration of parent-child creativity to as many houses as we can. Worldwide.

So, with no further delays, we really appreciate if you can give us that little helping hand of spreading the word to your friends, schools, local libraries, bloggers, book reviewers, bookshops and whoever else you think may like a little help dealing with problem-solving, going to bed or being inspired by parent-child partnership.

We hope you enjoy it,

Maira and Ewan