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Stories have the power to heal and inspire

"Stories have the power to heal and inspire." is our core belief at Saci Books.

What makes us different from other animals is fundamentally our ability to tell stories. Through them, we heal personal and collective wounds, expand knowledge, spread culture and connect people.

We were born by transforming suffering into art, publishing our first book written by a 4 year old boy and illustrated by his mother, becoming The Boy Who Didn't Like the Night - title he gave the book himself. This beautiful family project started on a very casual moment between mother and son, and now it is inspiring families all over the world to tell their stories too. 

We want to give a voice to those who are not heard, we want to make sure that no matter what age, gender, colour, religion or nationality you are, you have a voice and your story is worth sharing. 

We have three projects running at the moment: Books from Kids to Kids, Bushfires Through My Heart and The Invisible Baddie. Please contact us on  Instagram  or here

We are based in Sydney, Australia.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch below