• Who Has the Key to Lockdown?

    Our young writers and illustrators do! Close to 100 kids and teens across Australia sent poems, short stories and speeches about the pandemic. We could only choose 30 but together we created a heartfelt, creative and powerful anthology.

    Meet the winning authors

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  • Bushfires Through My Heart

    This is more of an ongoing channel where we let it open to writers and illustrators to send their interpretation of the Australian Bushfires of 2020 summer.

  • Short & Sweet

    These is an ongoing channel where we publish* short stories, illustration, poems and lyrics by upcoming artists. We publish them on our social media platforms. You can email us here.

*Note: short stories must be no more than 350 words. Poems and lyrics must not exceed 50 lines. We reserve the right to not publish works that don't align with our values.