Tell your story. Inspire everyone.

Your child has a dream. A dream to become a published author. To spread their ideas into the world. To feel accomplished.

You have a dream. To make their dreams come true. That's why we are here for.

We publish our books in for distribution worldwide. Our partners include Barnes & Noble, Booktopia, Amazon, Dymocks, IndieBound and many more.

See below our pathways to publication.

If you would like to submit your child / your own story, please read the submissions guidelines below.

  • Profit/Royalties:: 80% to the author and 20% for Saci Books.

    Publication Cost: 100% is covered by the author.

  • Profit/Royalties 50% to the author and 50% to Saci Books.

    Publication Cost: 50% is covered by the author, 50% is covered by Saci Books.

  • Profit / Royalties: 80% to Saci Books and 20% to the author.

    Cost: 100% is covered by Saci Books.

    Only 1 to 2 spots per annum

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  • Authors

    Our books are either written or illustrated by children and teens under 17 years of age. You are welcome to submit your manuscript if you are an adult but it will must be illustrated by a young artist. You are welcome to send suggestions of illustrators but we reserve the right to choose them.


    *Children who don't read or write must be assisted by someone who can.

  • Age Groups and Word Count

    We acceptmanuscripts targeted at the following audiences:

    2-5 years old: picture book, maximum of 600 words.

    5-7 years old: early readers/chapter books around 3.000 words with short sentences for children learning how to read.

    6-9 years old: young readers/chapter books, less than 10,000 words.

    9-12 years old: middle grade chapter books, less than 30,000 words.


    We don't publish board books or YA

  • Legal Overview

    We pride ourselves for the quality of our publications. We only accept submissions that are in aligment with our values and that can fit within our work flow.

    We do not accept all submissions even if the author and their families choose the Investment (A) path.

    All authors will receive a contract if we wish to publish their work.


    By submitting your work, you agree with the terms & conditions of publication.

  • Document Health

    - All text must be written in .doc word document or google docs.

    - All typed in Times New Roman 12 with double spacing

    - page format A4

    - the story may be submitted in Portuguese (Brazilian) or English.


    Parents and guardians of children who cannot read or write can send a link to a video of the child telling the story. Please do not send videos attached.

  • Instructions to Submit

    Email your submission with the subject SUBMISSION and the following information:

    Book/Work Title

    Word Count

    Author's Name

    Author's Age

    Country of Residence (for payment purposes)

    Language other than English they want their books published

    Age Group (picture book, early readers, young readers or middle grade)

    A paragraph of no more than 250 words about yourself.

    A link to social media if available and relevant (if you publish your writing, show your process etc).


    Don't send your personal/private social media accounts.

  • Themes

    We are all about imagination, creativity and the power of stories to inspire, heal and connect.

    Our stories are all fiction to a variety of age groups. The themes that touch our heart are:

    - creativity and imagination

    - stories of resilience and grief,

    - empathy and compassion,

    - emotional intelligence,

    - environmental, social and economical sustainability.


    Poetry is only published in anthologies or in special digital editions on our website. Sign up to our newsletter of follow us on Instagram to know when these opportunities arrive.