Books From Kids to Kids

We believe that kids have a voice that must be heard but very seldom is. Children often have their their emotional needs down played to two streams, the first being “it’s nothing serious, you are fine” and the second, the old school “life is tough, so toughen up”.

We have a different approach. We belive stories have the power to heal. By expressing their inner world of imagination and creativity, children can comprehend their emotions better and develop into a well rounded, balanced and resilient adult.

We observe, we listen we open the space for them to speak and heal. If your child wants to write a book but doesn’t know quite how, let us know. Send us the child idea and we can guide them to complete a story into a picture book.

Our first story, The Boy Who Didn’t Like The Night is available in the most prestigious bookstores in the world such as Barnes & Noble and Foyles. You can listen to the full book in our YouTube Channel here

Please note, we accept ideas until the age of 14 years old and the story must have been created by the child, we will need to speak to the child in the presence of a legal representative (parent/guardian). Contact us for the full terms and conditions. We don’t charge the parents for any upfront cost of the book, we pay market rate royalties to the authors once the book is finalised and out for sales. We only publish stories that are aligned with our values.

We also do school classes stories. Please contact us so we can discuss details. online sessions are available and face to face sessions in Sydney only.

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