Books From Kids to Kids

We love children’s stories! They are the most creative brains on this planet and we would love to hear ther adventures – as crazy as they can be.

We are looking for new authors and illustrators of any age up to 15 years old. Our very first and youngest author was only 4 when he started, so really, don’t be shy!

Please send us yours or your child’s idea via email or via the contact form. Please include

For Authors:

  • The story as it is (there’s no need to correct gramatical errors at this stage) on pdf or doc format
  • The age of your child including month of birth
  • How the story was invented or came about
  • A little about you/your child: what do you like to do and why becoming a writer

For illustrators:

  • Send us a few samples of your work via email: you can send a link to your website/instagram account
  • Tell us a little bit about yourself: why do you want to become an illustrator, what materials do you use, your age, what do you like doing.

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