Bushfires Through My Heart

Australia is burning as we all know, the stories are being built by the thousands each day. So many stories. So many experiences. So many triumphs and so many losses. Children. Children see everything through their gentle and kind eyes. Through love and ingenuity. They feel the pain of others.  They are suffering. The marks in the souls and sub conscience of these children are eternal. We want their stories to be heard. We want them to help heal others and let none forget the most horrendous summer Australia had.

Stories never die, but they have the power to heal and transform. They have the power to change little by little each of us. These children who are suffering today, may not have a future in this planet. They may never be able to breathe clean air. We, the +25 year old adults, have the obligation to restore the planet for them. We believe we must tell their stories. This summer will never be forgotten.

We will publish children’s  stories on our website, instagram and facebook accounts as they arrive to us and we aim to put together a book with a compilation of these stories about their experience with the bushfires.

Their story can be very short, a paragraph, a poem, a song, a video. You can send an illustration done by your child, their siblings or a friend. It doesn’t need to be illustrated,  or it can be just a drawing. However your child prefers to express their experience, is fine. We will collect stories until they stop coming, so whenever your child is ready, send it through via e-mail,  instagram direct message @saci.books or Facebook.

I ask you not to force your child to speak up or write. Encourage them to speak about their feelings and experiences. They can be showing their bravery, their fears, the loss, the grief, the joy of seeing kindness and so on. Anything is valid and we won’t edit the stories.

Once the book is done and we are ready to publish later in the year, we will donate all proceeds to rebuild libraries and if the money allows, we will help restore the natural environment lost in the bushfires across VIC, NSW, QLD and SA.

We are in the process of organising the legality of the compensation for the children’s author and we will send you a contract with all terms and conditions prior to publishing.

Send your submissions with the subject BUSHFIRES THROUGH MY HEART to hello@sacibooks.com

Our hearts are with all the fauna, flora and people that have gone through major trauma and loss.

You can read what Babyology and Essential Kids have to say about our project by clicking on their names.

Thank you for sharing your story,

Maíra & Ewan

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