Press Release – Who Has the Key to Lockdown?

Press Release

Who Has the Key to Lockdown?

SYDNEY, November 1st, 2021. Saci Books, a children’s book publisher start-up released the anthology Who Has The Key To Lockdown? on the 24th October, 2021. The book is a compilation of short stories, poems, a speech and even some colouring activities written and illustrated by thirty authors and illustrators between the ages of six and seventeen that won the company’s first writing competition.

The competition happened between March and April 2021, under the broad theme of COVID-19. The company received almost 100 pieces from all over the country and a variety of ethnic groups. Not surprisingly, the state that had more entries was VIC, reflecting the harsher lockdown situation in 2020.

The main purpose of the competition was to give the children a space to express their emotions through these tough times and to give opportunity to new rising talents. The tone of the book is not only sad and depressing, there’s a lot of hope and humor too.

“Stories have the power to heal” is the tagline the company founder, Maíra Metelo is known for repeating without hesitation. ‘Children and teenagers need a channel to express themselves, particularly the feelings they cannot comprehend yet and I believe that art, particularly writing, helps them process these strong feelings. It’s part of the development of emotional intelligence. In addition, we are entertained and touched by their work and we get a glimpse of their world.’

Information on the authors can be found in the following link with photos:

The book can be purchased on online stores or ordered by booksellers.

ISBN: 978-0648314622

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Founded by Maíra Metelo, a mother of three, Saci Books is a Sydney start-up dedicated to giving children a voice and a channel to create and give them opportunities they wouldn’t otherwise get anywhere else. Saci Books was created to produce a book her son created at the age of 4 to transform his desperation into something positive. The book is called The Boy Who Didn’t Like and children can buy it online or watch for free on YouTube.


Name of anthology: Who Has The Key to Lockdown?

ISBN: 978-0648314622 (Paperback)

Description: 30 children and teens between age 6 and 17 from Australia

Poems, short stories, speech and colouring activities