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The Boy Who Didn't Like the Night - Signed Copy

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Receive a copy of our first book signed by the author himself. 

Written when Ewan was 4 years old, this book provides a glimpse of how a child’s mind works to solve problems switching from fantasy to reality. Parents will feel inspired by the heart-warming story of companionship and encouragement from his mother who managed to transform suffering into the excitement of finding the problem of having to stop playing and go to bed at night. His ideas were so creative and his conclusions so real - especially for a 4 year old - that it had to be transformed into this book.

This story will plant the seeds of creativity, mindfulness and environmental consciousness from a very early age.  It is an easy way to show children they can think greatly but their actions will affect others and that sometimes, being in the moment and accepting that certain things cannot change is the best result anyone can have.


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