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Who Has The Key To Lockdown

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An anthology written by children and teens from all around Australian on their pandemic experience. 

"This was a joy to read. And while the topic itself can be despairing (due to the countless deaths), I felt uplifted by reading these stories. As someone who lives on the other side of the world, this was an interesting look at how children in Australia perceived and experienced the pandemic. This is definitely a book that should be read by everyone-children and adults." Liz Wonder, copyeditor

We believe that stories have the power to heal oneself a local community and, dare I say it, humanity. Stories also have the power to destroy and seeing how the mental health struggle was a real thing during the pandemic, we decided to run our first competition. This book is the result of that. In March 2021, we posted in a couple of writing websites, a local library and on our very small social media accounts the call for the children and teenagers aged 4 to 17. Suddenly, we received almost one hundred pieces from all over Australia. We hope you enjoy and respect these young authors feelings and craft as they have generously opened their heart so that others could heal.



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